General Informed Consent and Policies

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Confidentiality means that the mentor has a responsibility to you to safeguard information obtained during each session. All information about your session is kept confidential.
Mentees will have a file created in his, her, or their name(s). The purpose of that file is to help the mentor remember relevant information and to carry out his/her responsibilities effectively and efficiently. Files will be maintained for the duration of the mentoring relationship. At the close of the mentoring relationship, files will be shredded.
The fees at Sparrow Mentoring, LLC are ________ per mentoring session and ________ for workshops. 
The mentees signature on this document indicates that they give permission to Sparrow Mentoring, LLC to charge the credit card they have on file with Sparrow for services rendered. If for any reason their credit card changes, it is their responsibility to notify Sparrow of the changes.
To achieve maximum benefit from your mentoring relationship we encourage all mentee to commit to 6 months of mentorship, with a total of 12 sessions. After 6 months mentors will discuss with their mentee if they would like to continue being mentored. Additionally, you have the right to discontinue mentoring at any time; however, Sparrow would recommend discussing your decision with your mentor before your decision has been made.
Additionally, in order to achieve maximum benefit from mentoring it is imperative to hold consistent sessions. Therefore, if the mentee is not having regular sessions with their mentor the mentee may be discharged after sixty days of no contact and subsequently their file will be closed.
Discipleship workshops are 4 to 5 weeks long depending on the workshops chosen.
Mentees who need to cancel individual mentoring appointments are requested to do so at least 24 hours in advance. If a mentee does not show up for an appointment or provide at least 24 hours’ notice of the cancellation, then a $30 charge will be accrued. Being late for an appointment by 15 minutes or more may require that you reschedule and result in an $30 charge. The mentee’s signature below indicates they give permission to charge the credit card they have on file with Sparrow Mentoring, LLC for any missed sessions and corresponding fees. The mentor may also terminate the mentor relationship in the event the mentee has missed 3 appointments without giving the sufficient 24 hours’ notice. Appointments can be cancelled by calling and leaving a voicemail at (317) 363-4238. If for some reason, your mentor must cancel an appointment, they will call the phone number you have provided and, if you are not there, will leave a message.
You may leave a voice mail for your mentor at (317) 363-4238. Additionally, you may contact your mentor via their business email. We will make an effort to contact you within two business days, unless there are unforeseen circumstances, at the contact info provided.
By your signature above, you are indicating that you have read and understand this document, that any questions you have about this document were answered to your satisfaction, that you willingly consent to the mentoring sessions and that you were offered a copy of this document.

Christian Mentorship

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