Christian Mentorship

What is a Christian mentor?

A Christian Mentor walks beside you and prays, guides, and encourages you to grow into the person God designed you to be.

What can you expect from a mentoring session?

Each mentoring sessions are an hour long. Individuals will begin each session by sharing what currently weighs on their heart or what they need help processing through. During each session, there will be time for mentors to ask questions, help individuals find God in the midst of their lives, and a time for personal growth challenges and next action steps.

How do you schedule an appointment?

Christian Mentorship Sessions are offered in-person (located in Noblesville, IN) or virtually. 

You can schedule an appointment by clicking below.

Rebecca has a heart of gold and is sold out to the Lord. She does a fantastic job of guiding you to seek Him first and foremost. She does this through her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and by utilizing her gifts of wisdom and discernment. Rebecca has been there for me several times when I am going through a difficult time in my life; to pray with me and point me to what He would have.”

Liz F.

42 years old

Discipleship Workshops

What are discipleship workshops?

 Discipleship workshops are an excellent way to build relationships with others 

while learning how to study the Bible and apply scripture to your life. 

Upcoming Workshops

Identity in Christ Workshop

Identity in Christ is a study through the book of Ephesians that answers two questions:

Where does my identity come from?

Do I live FOR my identity or FROM my identity in Christ?

Discernment Workshop

Recognizing and Responding to the Presence of God:

Have you ever prayed, sat quietly in God’s presence, or read your Bible but could not discern what God is telling you?

Our Discernment Workshop is designed to help you recognize and respond to God who is actively involved in your everyday life.

Topics for this workshop are:

Solitude: Creating Space for God

Prayer: Deepening Our Intimacy With God

Scripture: Encountering God Through His Word

Examine: Relinquish Your False Self

Workshops are offered in-person (located in Noblesville, IN) or virtually. 

For more information or to sign up for a discipleship workshop click below.

Rebecca never let me slip through the cracks. Her value for accountability and action helped me take necessary steps to find healing, take risks and meet my goals. If you’re looking for fluffy easy fixes, look elsewhere. Through reflective and thoughtful examination and prayer, Rebecca has guided me through some of life’s hardest decisions. She helped me look inward, always pointed me to Jesus and wrestle to truly hear God’s voice above all else. Because of her influence in my life, I have peace and hope for the future.”

Jackie V. 

31 years old